How to Join
Club Rules


a) Primary membership of the club shall be made up of those people who are Fire Fighters (any or all ranks) and Fire Department support services personnel. (i.e. dispatchers, vehicle maintenance, etc.) This shall and will include those members who are paid, paid on call, volunteer, or retired.

b) Any member can sponsor one non-fire department applicant to join the club. (i.e. family members, or friends.) Non-fire department members are not eligible to sponsor a new member.
c) All makes and models of motorcycles will be accepted into the club, however members motorcycles must be able to keep up to posted speed limits.
d) All members’ passengers will be able to join the club. (i.e. spouse, significant other, or friend.)

a) New members, upon acceptance of their application and initial fee, will be considered as "Probationary" members for a period of six (6) months minimum or until you are voted in by the membership. 
b) The probationary member must attend meetings during their probation, and attend any Station events. 
c) At the successful completion of the "Probationary" period the member will receive his/her Colors.


a) Each member in good standing will be required to pay annual dues.
b)Dues will be used to promote activities and/or purchase supplies for the club.
c) Dues give each member voting rights in the club and a voice in the club's direction.


a) The club patch design/logo belongs to Fire and Iron M.C., Chapter 1, Central Florida Region.
b) The club patch will be worn with honor and pride.
c) Reasons for a member to lose his or her patch and membership in the club include: non-payment of dues, bringing shame or dishonor to the club, actions of a member by which 2/3rd's vote of the membership feels are not in keeping with the club's spirit or intent.
d) Only members in good standing will be allowed to wear the club patch. If for any reason a member should leave or be removed from the club, that member will be required to turn in their club patch and station rocker to the Club president of their respective chapter/station.